Delhi Public School, Siliguri

Our Founding Father

DPS Siliguri

Late Sri Surendra Agarwal was born on 10th May 1958. He did his schooling from Hindi High School, Siliguri. Then for his graduation he went to Kolkata from where he obtained his B.Com degree from St. Xaviers College.

After his graduation he moved on to Patna to start his own family business in Iron and Steel. He began from the grass-root level and initially he had to face many difficulties and hardships from many quarters and things seemed impossible. But from the very beginning being a man of grit and determination these obstacles and challenges did not deter him. Gradually these challenges proved blessings in disguise for him and soon opened up new projects. Within 19 years of struggle he established himself as “Iron King”. Late Sri Surendra Agarwal could have continued with his family business and extended his business empire but he did not choose to do so. He was not only a businessman and industrialist of repute but also a man of integrity and values which he held firmly and always longed to put these values into practice. Gifted with a mind and heart to serve society he thought of contributing in a very special way to that city where he grew up as a student and did his schooling. Being a man with a vision and a mission, he decided to establish a school in Siliguri with a modern infrastructure and state-of-art-technology, so that it could be a unique centre of learning in North Bengal. To give a shape to this dream he had to move from pillar to post to bring DPS to Siliguri and after 2 years of ceaseless efforts he succeeded in translating his dream into a reality.

What you see today before you all-this beautiful modern imposing infrastructure with all the modern amenities, this beautiful field where this Tournament is being held are all his handwork and a part of his vision.

Another dream which our Late Sri Surendra Agarwal had was to build a beautiful Engineering College in the city of Siliguri which could cater to the needs of all types of people.

But unfortunately, this could not materialise because of his untimely death on 10th January 2005.

His memory still lives among us and this wonderful tournament is a fitting tribute to such a great soul. His dream of having an Engineering College of its kind in the city of Siliguri has also materialized with the recent functioning of the Surendra Institute of Engineering and Management (S.I.E.M).