Delhi Public School, Siliguri

Our Evaluation Strategies

The grading and percentage syndrome inhabits growth and development. Good grades are essential but not enough. Every child is talented and meritorious in a unique way We only need to spot talent and nurture it to its potentials.

At DPS Siliguri we follow the concept of comprehensive and continuous school based evaluation by presenting the results of the assessment if internal and external assessment in academic subjects side by side. Another feature of continuous and comprehensive school evaluation is that it is intended to cover a wider range of personality attributes to be justly called 'comprehensive'. The scheme covers Academic Achievements in school, Health status, Personal and Social qualities, Interest, Attitudes, Values, and Proficiency in co-curricular activities.

It thus covers scholastic and non scholastic aspects of pupil's growth.

This parallel multi-track evaluation strategy will allow children as well as parents to know the child's qualities and inherent potentials better. It will motivate children to try better to improve their EQ, CQ and life skills, since it will fetch them better scores and official recognitions.